I’m Skylar—writer, #DogMom, grief mentor with Walk With Sally, ex-ballet dancer, and intuitive eater! Welcome to No Crying In Cooking, a community and blog dedicated to helping women live freer and more joyous lives through Intuitive Eating, body acceptance, and ditching diet culture.

A little about me: I started my first diet at 13. 13-year-old Skylar had a lot going on. I had lost my father to cancer, I was training to become a professional ballet dancer, and I was injured and unable to dance. I was a girl who needed stability, a girl that found an art that demanded perfection. I still remember the rush of hope the first time I ever laid eyes on the South Beach Diet. It promised me happiness, health, and most importantly a flat tummy. Everything was going to be okay.

Throughout high school, my life rotated between restricting, uncontrollable eating, and shame. Rinse, repeat. The ballet world told me my body was wrong. I was desperate to change it. All I wanted in life was to be a ballet dancer.

And then, when I was 22 and the ballet world had beaten me down one too many times, I let go. I unclenched my fists from this supposed dream of mine, and said, “I’m sorry. I can’t anymore.” As I found myself on the path to becoming a writer, my life began opening itself up to me. And while joy was seeping back into my life, diet culture followed me. I had phases of “eff it! I’m eating whatever I want and all of it”, I had phases of Jenny Craig, I had phases of calorie counting, but it was all the same. My messaging was this: be thinner, you’ll be happier.

When I was 28, I decided it was time to go back on Jenny Craig because I (of course) had gained all my weight back from my last diet. I remember sitting there listening to the consultant, and I just glazed over. What the actual hell, Skylar? Why are you doing this?! I simply could not starve myself any longer. I had officially burnt out.

I then found Intuitive Eating. My life has never been the same. It’s been a year since I picked up the book and started finding my freedom. It’s a MARATHON. But each day, each meal, I am learning to love my body unconditionally; I’m learning to eat for energy, joy, health, & satiation. And I’m documenting it all here. I’m so excited to build a community where we can break free from diet culture together. As I always say, food is so much more than something to control the aesthetic of our bodies with. Food is connection, food is history, food is joy, and most importantly, food is love. Welcome y’all! 🥖

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